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Young People at a Workshop

Boldly Speaking.


"Are you a new or aspiring woman leader who wants to make a successful LEAP into leadership?"  

If so, I encourage you to check out The Leadership Leap® radio show, a weekly program on Voice America Business.  Hosted by the phenomenal Lianne Picot, whose life’s work is focused on helping people find their purpose in life and leadership, the show is a weekly exploration from the perspective of coaches, authors, experts and experienced leaders, adding new layers to dialogues on leadership.

And I’m excited to be hosting a monthly segment called Inclusion Zone on the first Thursday each month LIVE at 12pm EDT!  (Click "Read More" for links to past episodes).

In the Inclusion Zone, we dive deep and really “go there”, having courageous conversations about inclusion.  The goal is to build awareness, promote allyship, and use this lens to shape our leadership.

Check out the last few episodes by clicking on the hyperlinks below – the segment kicks in at around the half-way mark. 

You can download past episodes by clicking on any of these links, as well as through iTunes or Google.

HINT:  I was super-nervous on my first live appearance, so perhaps start with January going forward, and loop back to December :)

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