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Young People at a Workshop

Boldly Speaking.


Over the past month, it seems empathy has been top of mind for many of our clients.  In a time like no other, when our emotional and mental health has been challenged in unprecedented ways, we need to be especially compassionate with one another.  Indeed, we are presented with a unique opportunity to consider how inclusion can be both a process and an outcome.  Any kind of change can be destabilizing – and this is particularly true in the context of COVID-19, as well as in the context of this current racial reckoning – so it is critical that empathy is central to any inclusion work we do.

For this reason, we will be sharing an article I wrote earlier this year for Charity Village, Empathy: A Key Ingredient In Effective Diversity, Equity And Inclusion.  Here we reflect on empathy, including leading thinking on how we can be better empaths, and why it’s important for successful and sustainable DEI.

Click here to access the article.

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