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Young People at a Workshop

Boldly Speaking.


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of delivering my first ever live webinar, entitled "Empathy: The Secret Sauce in Effective DEI"!  Such a critical topic when planning for DEI-related change management and implementation, yet one we rarely discuss.  This webinar challenges some of the more traditional ways of doing this work, which often requires us to put emotions aside in order to appear neutral, unbiased or “professional”.  Unfortunately, this approach often overlooks the real feelings we carry with us when it comes to DEI -- and to DEI-related change in particular.  As a result, this webinar covers the following:  

  1. What is empathy?

  2. Why empathy is important in effective DEI

  3. How modelling empathy supports collaboration, connection and understanding between diverse stakeholder groups -- and what this looks like

  4. Why self-compassion is needed to be strong DEI leaders and champions

  5. BONUS:  I share my own recipe for empathetic DEI based on my own work and lessons learned.

You can click the link to access the webinar here.  Many thanks to Charity Village for hosting this important discussion.

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